Dubai Spotlight: Tender Hearts Arena

August 1, 2016

In: Learning

Tender Hearts Arena is a place where differently abled children may improve their social, behavioral and life skills in a fun way that also boosts their self-esteem. The Tender Hearts staff truly believes that all kids have potential which can push them to learn new skills and, in turn, increase their sense of accomplishment.

Here, children are supervised by professional staff and engage with kids in safe and age-appropriate developmental activities designed to excite, stimulate, and enrich. This is the place where your kids can make friends, play with loved ones, express and learn to take pride in themselves.

Tender Hearts Arena Founders

Tender Hearts Arena was founded by Arti and Neena. Arti has 12 years of experience in product and marketing in the Pharma field. With Tender Hearts, she aims to enable differently abled kids to create their little niche in the world and be able to express their strengths and feelings.

Neena has 19 years of experience as a professional in the media world in India, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Her oldest son is differently abled, who is well-rounded and loves to sing. She believes in encouraging people with special needs so they can exceed expectations and do extraordinary things.

Tender Hearts Arena Mission

“Our mission is to make life beautiful for children with special abilities and help them become confident members of society and the world at large.”

Tender Hearts Arena Objectives

At Tender Hearts, the staff aims to:

  • Develop and provide, reliable, affordable, and quality stimulating activities before and after school
  • Provide a happy, secure, and friendly environment for differently abled children, that is rich in a variety of carefully planned, rewarding experiences so that they learn, play, achieve, and have fun
  • Increase participation in sports and recreation programs
  • Provide access to life-skill training with an ultimate aim of placing participants in relevant fields
  • Bring about an awareness of Tender Hearts Arena services and programs to families with differently abled children.

Tender Hearts Arena Programs

dubai spotlight tender hearts arena yoga

Programs include Mom & Toddler, Yoga, Life Skills, Creative Studio, Theatre, and Music.

Tender Hearts Arena Entertainment Zone

The E-zone features a variety of video games, puzzles, and creative fun activities. It’s a place that’s safe for kids to play and relax, and allows participants the opportunity to work on their social skills.

Tender Hearts Arena Library

The library contains a wide variety of books to enrich your children’s reading skills, improving on their vocabulary and comprehension. The books also offer enhanced visual learning that caters to children of special needs.

Simble Kids Promotion

Tender Hearts Arena is offering two free yoga/fitness classes for each child! Simply book through the Simble Kids app from 25 July to 25 August 2016 and sign up for a minimum of three months!


Address: Villa No. 27, Umm Sequeim 3, Opposite Wild Wadi Dubai, UAE.


Hours: Sundays through Thursdays, from 10am to 6pm.  Saturdays, from 10am to 2pm.

For more information, visit


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